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Claudia Krumme
Love Addiction Expert
Clients can surrender to their deepest feelings

I have had the opportunity to connect with J.D. in various different roles. When I first met him, he was the lead trainer at an event in Italy where I was participating. Within a second I was touched by J.D.’s charisma, along with his experience and intelligence. He inspired me right away. Later, I worked for him at a seminar in Thailand as a coach and from there, I invited him over to Holland to lead a seminar as well.
He is capable of creating a safe, open learning environment, where there is solid structure and playful practices at the same time. Both clients and staff can surrender to their deepest feelings and share them. Throughout his life he has studied many different topics and this makes him a very inspirational person to be around. I am very pleased I have him in my network and would definitely recommend him as a trainer or group manager.”