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Olga Safa
Project Coordinator

J.D. is one of the best “Life Changers” I have met. He combines many talents: a very charismatic presenter, an inspirational group leader and facilitator, and a motivating coach. He is great in both groups and one-on-one settings. He is very intuitive and has the ability to detect very deep blockages and remove them using the vast spectrum of healing tools and methods that he masters. He is also highly creative and uses playfulness, imagination and visualization to reach the core of people and bring out the best in them. J.D.’s gift to the world is transforming people and changing their lives.”

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Suzanne R Keshen
Director Assistant

It released the hidden pain in my body, enabled me to understand more, and accept the circumstances in my life. It enabled me to forgive and love again. Also, I now use breathing sessions as a diagnosis tool, because I know that every painful point in my body indicated a trait that needs healing. If one accepts and uses this information wisely, he or she can do wonders. And this is what I started experiencing; the wonders in my life, and the process continues.”

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Samer Fleihan
Production Manager

I had the opportunity to attend one of J.D.’s events, which to this date has been a life altering experience. His teaching method was motivating, engaging and most of all, FUN! Under his supervision, I was able to overcome very personal challenges that required coming out of my own comfort zone and that is due primarily to the fact that J.D. has experience and full understanding of the breathing practices he is teaching. I look forward to attending more workshops with him but until then, I’ll just keep breathing . . .”

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Quincee Evans
Distribution Manager

I was so moved by J.D.’s determination to be a leader of transformation in people’s live that it motivated me to attend his events and become a certified coach too. You sense his passion for leading groups. He eloquently challenges himself and others at the same time. J.D. has unique way of intuitively and cleverly guiding his participants to find their own insight, empowerment, fulfillment, and path. He leads by example, having the courage to live his vision and continue to help others tap into their best version of themselves.”

Claudia Krumme
Love Addiction Expert

I have had the opportunity to connect with J.D. in various different roles. When I first met him, he was the lead trainer at an event in Italy where I was participating. Within a second I was touched by J.D.’s charisma, along with his experience and intelligence. He inspired me right away. Later, I worked for him at a seminar in Thailand as a coach and from there, I invited him over to Holland to lead a seminar as well.
He is capable of creating a safe, open learning environment, where there is solid structure and playful practices at the same time. Both clients and staff can surrender to their deepest feelings and share them. Throughout his life he has studied many different topics and this makes him a very inspirational person to be around. I am very pleased I have him in my network and would definitely recommend him as a trainer or group manager.”

Grace Khleif
Coach and Trainer

I am a certified life coach and had the honour to train and become a New Me Breath and Bodywork Coach with J.D. He is an amazing person, a charismatic public speaker, an inspirational leader, and motivator. He has the ability to help you open up easily, allows you to process your emotions and creates a shift in perspective that helps you grow in a matter of minutes. His compassion combined with playfulness allows any individual to challenge themselves and aspire to reach fulfillment. JD helped me personally to expand, evolve and take risks that brought me more pleasure in my life. He taught me many tools that I use continuously in my coaching practice and in leading workshops and groups. Thank you JD for being such a loving, giving, selfless person.”