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Strategic Embodied Coaching


Life is nothing more than patterns that reoccur again and again. Unfortunately for most this is done unconsciously and therefor habits can feel almost impossible to shift. With the expansive tools and strategies of our embodied strategic coaching, however, it is not just easy to shift behaviors into power, but also to condition new ways of being altogether. With a background as a professional athlete and a trainer in high end sales, we bring a specific philosophy to our coaching strategies. We expect the best results from ourselves as a coach and from you as the client.

What do you crave most in life?

Our specially designed Strategic Coaching offers the best in not just tapping into new awareness but conditioning the feelings you deserve. Backed by the Science of Emotions (which is the knowledge of exactly how emotions move through the body and mind), our staff can help you embody the best results in any field of life you crave to shift.
J.D. Thomas spent his youth preparing to be a world class athlete. After years of playing professional soccer in Europe and South America, he turned his focus from strength and performance, to activating the vital forces of the body through breathwork and bodywork. This makes the coaching process much more efficient as it brings knowledge into the body, so that it can become experience instead of remaining in the head as a thought. We will make the plan that is perfect for you.
The highest passion of the both J.D. Thomas and Ozden is Love and connection. Working with couples and individuals that crave more depth and intimacy creates new opportunities in every area of life. These two spent years working on their own relationship patterns which pushed them through the threshold of creating a new type of love. Through their self-created exercises from years ago, they created the space for the two of them to come together and sustain love and passion. They love to share how this is much easier than many believe.
Get clarity now for where you are headed in life. Even if you are uncertain of what you want, in one session it will obvious and the ground work will be prepared for how to remain focused on how to attain that big vision.


Tired of thinking or talking about what you want? After sharing with thousands of people in five out of seven continents on the globe, we've created the newest and most accelerated way to condition your greatness. Just by observing your breathing and body structure, we can tell you exactly what resources are needed to empower a new you and embody what you crave and deserve. Whether it is for business success, personal wellness, or balancing out all of your passions and taking action, you can start now. Book a session. You may expect all of the following benefits.

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Know exactly what you want and learn to magnify it through daily exercises that are custom fit for you. Break through uncertainty and dissonance around your direction and desires.

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We help you find your fire and guide you to access your passion towards what you want. Feel the freedom of staying committed and remaining in the "zone" while you enjoy new successes.

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Understand your own emotions and shift patterns of getting triggered. Practice how to balance your own masculine and feminine sides and be what your partner needs with authenticity.

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Become your own inspiration and enjoy yourself at your best. Set the standard and begin sharing your awareness with others. Be an example and learn to empower others as a strong leader.

Are you ready for more in life? Book a session and take action.