The Relationship Between Love and Sex

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By: J.D. Thomas

This book is a process through what love means and how to shift unwanted patterns in relationships. There is also a section on sexuality with practices for deepening intimacy.


Which one do you crave more, or is it both? Or has it changed in time throughout your life? Are you playing the game of love to get what you want from someone? Or are you playing it in a way so that both you and your partner can win? And of course there is maybe the most important question of all. Is it working? Is it bringing you the type of experiences you enjoy?

In this book, you will enjoy finding your own insight to these questions. The ways to play the game of love are endless. So, how do you choose to play? Are you constantly dreaming about that perfect person and yet you cannot seem to find them anywhere? Do you have negative patterns that sabotage your relationships? Are you in love with your partner but you crave more passion and excitement? Or maybe you have an interesting scenario that is totally different than all of these. If so, good for you. You are so special and unique!

Sex! Sex! Sex! That is about the hottest topic ever and it always will be. How are you doing in that game? Would you like more of it? Or maybe you have it but you desire more variety or connection? Some people have problems with enjoying sex or even staying in the game. Of course, there are pills for that, but what if there were more natural ways of shifting these patterns. Would you be interested in knowing about them? Well, these are just some of the topics discussed in this amazing book and adventure. It is literally like taking a seminar at home and in your own time.


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