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Özden Kaftan Thomas

Özden Kaftan Thomas makes up the other founding component of the organization of NEW ME. Originally from Izmir, Turkey; she obtained her basic studies at home and then moved to Istanbul for her extended education in International Business Management. Her passion, however, is in the arts of inter-relational expression skills, various breathing techniques, dance and movement, and personalized empowerment through authentic creativity. Her approach of sharing is both profound and unique, as it is always a balanced mixture of in-depth guidance and playful yet spontaneous action. She also has a very special nurturing touch that allows her to connect with others through all of the breath and body techniques used in the trainings. Her trained experience is in Quantum Touch, modern breath work as well as ancient techniques, Deeksha, open expression healing, feminine sexual energy, and couples intimacy. Together, Özden and her husband work with groups and individuals in their home country of Turkey, as well as many other countries all over the world.