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J.D. Thomas

This former professional athlete and the co-founder of NEW ME had a sudden moment of surrender back in 2003. It involved an out loud verbal request for guidance, a spontaneous invocation of accelerated breathing, some very intense physical sensations, and a lot of energy! Since then his life has never been the same. And because he loves people, he has now been traveling the globe for the last twelve years sharing seminars and workshops on how to live life to the fullest. He is the author of two books, a husband and a father, and currently lives in Istanbul, Turkey.

His educational background includes a degree from St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas and a variety of trained skills in the art of working with people. He integrates various schools of practice such as team-building group dynamics, eastern bodywork, post modern breath-work, personal fitness, the psychology of human needs, specialized New ME Strategic Coaching, massage, and couples intimacy. For five years, J.D. owned and managed a group and individual’s campus for corporate management teams, families, and couples that combined all of the above skill-sets. Although the focus was then on managing corporate groups, management teams, and young leaders; he also opened the campus up to running various types of workshops for fun and experiential based learning.

J.D. claims that his first teacher was relationships and intimacy. As a teenager, he was faced with the very difficult task of having to deal with situations of emotional abuse and trauma from various early partnerships. In those young adult years, he began reading large books about sexual abuse, co-dependent relationships, and how to be a man for a woman that did not feel safe. This, of course, was all before he was a man himself. This became his passion, as he had felt the pain of what some women (those that he was close to in those years) had to endure. This is why the foundation of the New ME philosophy is all about a deep awareness of how the masculine and feminine come together. In the early years, this understanding was learned through experience and the consistent study of relationship dynamics. Later, it became clear that these same polarities are what sustains life and makes it possible for the re-creation of it as well.

Now J.D. continues to share his gifts with groups all around the globe. He has shared in 5 of 7 continents and trained hundreds of people in the skills of becoming breath work facilitators, coaches, and Trainers. His gift is the ability to make quick and drastic shifts in peoples lives and still empower them with the skills necessary to stay strong in their new chosen direction and paths. As one of his trained facilitators said, “It is not every day that you meet someone who’s life purpose it to bring out the best in others.” Although J.D. shares a vast array of skills and techniques in his events and with his one-on-one clients, he knows that the real gift is not anything that he teaches. The real gift is the individuals that he is so thankful to share with.