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The primary force that keeps us all alive is breath. It is also the most efficient tool for connection, inner growth, and integration. Enjoy the reality of your own truth as you go beyond the mind and feel a deeper sense of passion for life. Every event enriches you with the skills to empower yourself and others through the invisible force that we all share. Our vital resource - Breath!



Each moment is an opportunity. Choose how you like to play and join us in this game of fun and expansion. POWER WEEKEND is a great way to begin as you can just show up and receive. New Me Breath & Bodywork FACILITATOR TRAINING is perfect if you want to also give while you receive the knowledge and experience. STRATEGIC EMBODIED COACHING offers even more tools and processes so that you can give even more.

One weekend can change your life! In two days you will experience your own power form the inside out and learn the five human forces so that you can live the life you deserve.

  • Learn the Science of Emotions
  • Enjoy New Me Breath & Bodywork
  • Understand your own breathing pattern
  • Master your thoughts & direction
  • Shift thought patterns by choice

Two impactful modules of four days each! Learn the skills that have empowered thousands of people all over the globe and prepare yourself to start giving New Me Breath & Bodywork sessions to others.

  • Know how to read various breathing patterns
  • Play with simple body manipulations
  • Learn the art & science of breathwork
  • Tools to guide others to their own truth
  • Find your own truth as you contribute more

Two playful modules of four days each! Master the skills of Strategic Embodied Coaching to help others’ break patterns quickly and ensure complete embodiment of power and passion.

  • Learn to feel what client is hiding
  • Practice the basics of covert hypnosis
  • Challenge yourself to express boldly
  • How to use all 5 forces to influence
  • Master unspoken communication

Breath Coach Path offers the best opportunity to learn the full collection of proven skills that have helped thousands of people over the last 15 years. This process includes 80 hours of experiential learning with J.D. Thomas and his qualified staff plus continued education through the practice of contribution of services. Sign up, enjoy the process, and become your own inspiration!