What is it?

Proactive Breathing is the perfect balance of precise breathwork and bodywork which is built on the foundation of “The Science of Emotions”. It utilizes rhythmic breathing, hand son body adjustments, sound therapy, and specific guided inner work, to shift mind patterns and physical challenges with ease. It leaves every participant with an enriched vitality, a more expanded mind state, inner peace, and higher insight which can only be found within.

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J.D. and Özden Thomas

Founders of Proactive Breath and Bodywork

J.D. is a ex professional soccer player that encountered the power of breathwork in 2005. He immediately began sharing it with groups and has been giving the gift ever since. Özden realized her passion in 2008 and has also added much to her way of sharing. In the last 17 years, they have offered events in 5 out of 7 continents, shared with thousands of people, and offer a certification process that teaches their very own Proactive Breath and Bodywork. They have both starred on numerous television and radio shows across Europe, Turkey, and the Middle East.  Together, they also give coaching for couples on intimacy and relationship dynamics.

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Watch some of the latest interviews and youtube posts from both J.D. and Ozden Thomas. Enjoy the new expanded awareness as these two share their expertise in the art of New Me Breath and Bodywork, creating better intimacy, personal empowerment, healthy food, emotional mastery, and much more!

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