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Empowering corporate groups internationally for over 15 years

With over a decade of experience leading corporate teambuilding and empowerment events, we are ready to offer you something completely new and unique. Need something short and simple? We can come by and play some energizers and breakthrough games that create flow in an executive meeting. We guide indoor processes for deeper processing or we can take your group outdoors for beach competitions, physical activities, or specially designed dynamics that reflect your work place obstacles. We also design weekend and week long retreats to enjoy more experience and impact for your group.
New Me Breath and Bodywork is an efficient and smooth process that allows anyone to shift their limiting patterns of mind, into the most empowered opportunities from within themselves. With this science, it is easy to observe exactly how someone sees themselves and the world just by observing their breathing patterns. The specifically designed exercise then uses rhythmic breathing to shift blockages, tension, and dis-ease and unleash a new sense of aliveness and direction. This in turn, creates more connection and flow within the team and offers them quick tools to use in the workplace to manage stress and remain focused.
We offer public speaking on the topics of leadership, personal empowerment, the mastery of emotions, and our very own modality - New Me Breath and Bodywork. After sharing in 5 out of 7 continents on the globe, and being in front of just about every type of audience possible, we can not only present your groups with the most efficient wisdom, but we also make it fun and engaging so that the information gets implemented in the moment. We speak English, Spanish, and Turkish fluently so we look forward to sharing with your group soon.
It is beautiful to be able to give back to the community. We have shared with women's groups in Turkey and the Middle East, as well as school children both in Mexico and Istanbul. For many years, we offered services in Uganda on a regular basis, where we blessed to visit the local orphanage to spend some time and share toys, vegetation, and wellness processes. If you have a need for your community, just let us know.

We Create the Perfect Program for You!

What Are Your Needs?

We custom design every program to fit your needs. With a large menu of options to choose from, we guarantee a product that will surpass your expectations. Every business is only as good as its employees and we know the importance of empowering indivdual’s with the tools they need to find their own motivation, engage their hidden resources, and contribute to the team with passion.

J.D. Thomas has a background as a professional athlete and as a Manager in high end resort sales. He was also trained under Tony Robbins, the world’s leading Motivational Speaker and Empowerment Coach. Ozden Thomas was raised as part of family business that was built by her father from ground up. Port Bag currently exports to over 40 countries worldwide. Adal Faragalla has over 20 years of experience in the Danish military, where he lead his troops through war in Afghanistan multiple times. Together, our combined skills create an empowered team to lead your work force.

Whether it is for simple games, teambuilding, outdoor challenges, public speaking, or corporate wellness, we look forward to serving you.